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I think they are a lot alike.


Wanna cook?


Hi everybody!

I just want to let everyone know why I haven’t been doing anything in the past month. Well remember when I posted that story about me and my fiancé when we got engaged? Well I’m getting married tomorrow! So I have been very busy taking care of wedding stuff and immigration paperwork (which is super stressful but what can you do?) 

Either way, I’ll be back soon I promise! I’ve got a bunch of things jotted down ready to be worked on for your viewing (and sexual?) pleasure!

So patiences friends! I’ll come back with a ring on my finger and lots of fun stuff for ya’ll




First leaked photo of Pacific Rim 2



Big Hero 6 - Preview Clip

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Legend of Korra animation linetests by Inseung Choi.

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Yeah. Like being a titan for example

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Photo Set


Kill la Kill (キルラキル) original animation drawings by Takeshi Honda (本田雄) for Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin’s transformation sequences in the Kill la Kill Official Guide Book Kamui Banshou (Amazon JP).

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Things I sometimes do to get over artists’ block.  Hope this helps!

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It's been settled


Rod-in-3D messaged me and we talked about the “art theft”. Yes, there were lots of similarities between our drawings. He claimed to have been unaware of my drawing at the time he made his, and I believe him.

Just this month I had an idea to redesign the parking signs in LA using timelines….

Hi everybody,

so long story short, I complained about art theft without even realizing that I did pretty much the same thing.

My “scantly female armor” joke (now removed) had been previously done and it had an awful lot of similarities with henryscarpeteria’s work. However he and I talked and settled things smoothly and that made me really glad.

The internet is a big place and things like this happens a lot, some people are quick to assume the worst, but I’m glad Henry didn’t. We definitely could use some more people like him around the internet.

Go check him out, he’s a pretty cool and talented dude I can say that for sure.

Oh and btw, art theft is still not cool so don’t do it.

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