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More practice in that style



Somehow I got 1002 followers, so let’s have a raffle to celebrate!!! Reblog this post to enter (one reblog per person, offer null and void in Tennessee.) The raffle will end some time between Sunday April 13th Midnight EST and Monday April 14th Midnight EST (whenever I get on the internet on Monday basically.)

If you reblog, either include a reference for what you want (image,  links) or have some way for me to contact you

There will be 3 winners, 1 winner picked from the 102 followers (the ones that enter of course) and 2 from the reblogs.

  • The winner from the 102 followers will get a large size pixel art (roughly 96x96 or bigger)
  • One reblog winner will get a medium size pixel art (roughly 64x64)
  • One reblog winner will get a small size pixel art (roughly 32x32).

Note that if you’re a follower and you don’t get the follower prize you are still eligible for the reblog prizes!!!

See the included image for size references.

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My girl.


That intro brought back some memories of my good ol’ Newgrounds days.

Fun Dead (2014)

Eddsworld zombeh attack (2005)


I haven’t watched Noah yet….

Here’s a piece based on the style of one of my favorite artists ever Sachin Teng go check him out!

Hi everybody! If you have been waiting your entire life to for a worthy shirt to cover your chest junk then fear no more! My “Sloth Explorer” Design is now available for purchase at! They each cost $14 so get them while they’re cheap!

Thanks so much!



I hope Toyota-Senpai notices me…

This was my first post of 2014 and I have no idea how or why it got so popular…

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Hi everybody! I just made my “Memento Mori” poster (*) into a T-shirt! I’d appreciate if ya’ll could vote 5 on! Thanks!


Seriously though stop.